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2012. May 07.

Nagyot esik a benzinár, de csökken a dízel is

Péntektől bruttó tíz forinttal csökkenti a MOL a benzin, hat forinttal pedig a gázolaj nagykereskede...

2012. April 20.

Csökkenő üzemanyag felhasználás Magyarországon

Csökkent az első negyedévben az üzemanyag fogyasztás, benzinből 4,1 százalékkal, gázolajból 1,9 száz...

2012. April 02.

Üzemanyagárfék bevezetését tervezik Németországban

Németországban a csúcsra emelkedő üzemanyagárak mozgásának korlátozását, úgynevezett árfék bevezetés...

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XCELLS Water LPG Car Gas Fuel Saving Device into Cooling Water
[Xcells] - In stock

Product description

Type: XCELLS Water LPG Autógáz Fogyasztás Csökkentő Készülék Hűtővízbe

Durable and cost-effective solution from the USA!

The advanced American technology, high efficiency of the device breaks apart cooling water molecules which
are running through the cooling water pipe, allowing for improved engine cooling

The device is inserted into the vehicle’s cooling water pipe and magnetic field is created in the whole engine coolant, this is due to the resulting improved combustion engine with improved fuel efficiency while reducing required

The effect of the XCELLS Water can be feel after only 2 minutes, when the engine of the car was first felt with incredible dynamism and then a few more days, "it's not my car" feeling, it does not escape while the vehicle
is changed driveability


1. Make sure that the car's engine stopped and the water in the cooling water systems is cold

2. Remove the upper bracket from the vehicle’s cooling pipe and pull down the pipe from the cooler

3. Insert the XCELLS Water Fuel Saving Device into the cooling pipe

4. Put back the cooling pipe and fixing bracket according to the state of the original

5. If necessary, bleed and charge back the cooling system with distilled water or anti-freeze liquid

6. Finally your car is ready to save and you can document your savings, we wish you happy driving!


After the installation beside the 8-10 horsepower gain, 10-15% engine’s noise reduction, 50% lower emission and last but not least a maximum of 10-18% fuel savings can be achieved by applying this technology

The device can be used only in Ethanol-fueled vehicles!

Please check your vehicle’s cylinder before placing an order and accordingly select the number of items based on the followings:

50-1799 ccm 1 pc.
1800-3999 ccm 2 pcs. of device we recommend to reach the best results
4000-6999 ccm 3 pcs.  
7000-9999 ccm 4 pcs.

Installation size: 79x19 mm

The expected life span of the device will be 5-8 years depending on the usage!
Package size: 102x102x34 mm
Weight: 100 g

If you have further questions from this product, purchasing or shipping of this item, please contact us or send us your availabilities and we will contact you as soon as possible...

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