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2012. May 07.

Nagyot esik a benzinár, de csökken a dízel is

Péntektől bruttó tíz forinttal csökkenti a MOL a benzin, hat forinttal pedig a gázolaj nagykereskede...

2012. April 20.

Csökkenő üzemanyag felhasználás Magyarországon

Csökkent az első negyedévben az üzemanyag fogyasztás, benzinből 4,1 százalékkal, gázolajból 1,9 száz...

2012. April 02.

Üzemanyagárfék bevezetését tervezik Németországban

Németországban a csúcsra emelkedő üzemanyagárak mozgásának korlátozását, úgynevezett árfék bevezetés...

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Super FuelMAX® Booster Fuel Saving Device - Made in USA
[SuperFuelMAX] - In stock

Product description

Type: Super FuelMAX® Booster Üzemanyag Fogyasztás Csökkentő Mágnes - Made in USA

All prestigious fuels produces use different kinds of additives to improve fuel so it would  be most effective during combustion. A unique method of fuel treatment has been tested by an American International Research and Development Laboratories and patented by General Motors Company. You will not add any additive into the fuel mixture. By using FuelMAX device you will improve the fuel mixture inside of your vehicle. The Super FuelMAX unit consists of two frequency resonators. When this device is installed on a fuel line, the frequency resonance generated by its powerful magnetic field will fracture the hydrocarbon chains in the passing fuel causing the clusters of molecules to break a part thus allowing the individual molecules to get more exposure to oxygen. This will lead to improved burning or combustion of the fuel and the generation of considerably less air pollutants.

The tests conducted on engines using such treated fuel proved emissions reduction by 30% due to the more complete combustion after installing the Super FuelMAX device.

Load test proved increased engine performance as well as engine torque curve smoothing. Thus leads to stabilized engine running that will require less fuel when keeping the same parameters.

Why choose the Super FuelMAX?

  1. Up to 30% increase in engine life
  2. Up to 50% reduction in carbon monoxide&hydrocarbon
  3. 10% to 22% Fuel savings
  4. Turbomag will improve engine performance
  5. Stops scale build-up and corrosion in engine
  6. Reduce wear on O2 sensor and catalytic converter
  7. High octane performance with low octane fuel
  8. Helps pass emission test
  9. Does NOT void vehicle warranty
10. Works on all vehicles including diesel&LPG
11. Save up to $1,500 a year and more
12. No cutting of the fuel line
13. Up to 10 horse power increase
14. 0% maintenance for life
15. Easy, 5 to 10 minute install
Package size: 110x72x34 mm
Weight: 110 g

If you have further questions from this product, purchasing or shipping of this item, please contact us or send us your availabilities and we will contact you as soon as possible...

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